Neck Pain and Movement

If you’ve been to see me with neck pain, chances are good that I’ve recommended some stretches that I believe will help alleviate that pain. But stretching, as much as it is an extremely helpful tool in pain management, is not the kind of movement I’m referring to in this blog post. What I am talking about is any movement in general.

As a massage therapist I could probably talk until I turn blue in the face about the importance of daily movement, but as a sufferer of arthritis in the neck and a degenerative disc, I’m speaking from the perspective of a patient. I’ve noticed throughout the years that if I don’t move every single day, then I am more likely to lose control of the pain.  By “move” I mean getting up and at least walking.

So I want to encourage all of you to just move. And it’s ok if your ability to move is less than someone else’s. If you can’t walk, how about an exercise bike? If you don’t have an exercise bike, how about just laying on your back and putting your feet in the air and pumping them as if you’re on a bicycle? (That’s the way we did it before exercise bikes came onto the scene!) What if you are bedridden? Move whatever you can! ANY movement is better than nothing! Whatever you can do, just get moving, and stay moving on a daily basis! Remember: “An object in motion, stays in motion.” It’s science, and it applies to your body!

Remember Christopher Reeves? Superman! I remember, a few years ago, seeing a documentary about his life as a quadriplegic. Even he, who could not move any limbs, made it a part of his life to get on an exercise bike. He had to have help with it, but he still did it. So, if a quadriplegic can do it, then it’s pretty safe to say that I don’t have any good excuses. And I always thank myself when I make sure that I’ve moved daily, because that is usually a day with a lot less pain in my neck. The effort is totally worth it!

And by the way, the neck isn’t the only recipient of the benefits of daily movement. I’m willing to bet that daily movement will help to control pain coming from many other parts of the body too! So stop reading this and go move!

And stop suffering with that pain in the neck!

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