Receiving a massage? How to make it even better!

You can make your massage better! Yes, you can! I know some of you have fabulous massage therapists and wouldn’t believe that your massage could possibly BE any better, but I’m here to let you know about some simple things that could improve your massage.

1.   Plan to arrive a few minutes early, particularly if it is your first appointment and paperwork needs to be filled out.

2.   Call if you are going to be late, and understand that the therapist may not be able to give you a full session.

3.   Silence your phone. While it may not bother your therapist if the phone rings during your massage, it WILL take away from your ability to relax. If you feel anxious about silencing your phone, please keep it near you (perhaps on the table), so that the distraction is minimal.

4.   Put the electronic gadgets away. Remember, this is YOUR time to relax. Your massage will be better if you can disengage from gadgets that don’t let your mind rest.

5.   Avoid awkward situations. Whatever items of clothing that you choose to leave on, please be sure that they don’t interfere with access to the muscles that will be getting massaged. If you wear boxer shorts, please roll the legs up enough so that the thigh muscles can be accessed. If you leave your bra on, please unhook it, or be prepared that the quality of the back massage will suffer. If you want to leave your socks on, please discuss with your therapist if you still want foot massage.

6.   Stay hydrated. Your muscles will be much more receptive to the benefits of massage if they are not dehydrated.

7.   Breathe! It helps you to relax!

8.   Perhaps, above all these other suggestions, the most beneficial thing you can do to make your massage the best it can be, is to communicate your preferences with the therapist. Don’t worry that you will be insulting the therapist. As long as you remain matter-of-fact with your words, no reasonable therapist is going to become upset with you. A good therapist will use your constructive feedback to improve the work that they do.