Services and Pricing

Here at Juniper, I like to have a little more time to really enhance your massage experience. That is why I encourage you to schedule massages for 80 minutes instead of 60, and 40 minutes instead of 30. If you feel you would prefer a different length of time, please just ask.

List of Services

The base price for all Integrated Massages are:

$1.135 per minute. That comes out to $68 per hour. If you feel you cannot afford this, please feel free to use my sliding scale. Please Click Here to see the details.

The price for:

Orthopedic Neck Treatment is $100. This is an 80 minute session. 

New Client 80-Minute Therapeutic Magnesium Massage is $100

Neck Plus Feet Treatment is $112. This is a 90 minute session.


*Integrated Massage :

Integrated Massage takes into account what your needs are based on discussion between you and your therapist. A few of the techniques that may be used in your session include: the traditional relaxation massage, deep tissue techniques, stretching, myofascial work, hot or cold therapy, trigger point therapy, and deep breathing.

Aromatherapy, extra heat, and hot stones are added at the therapist’s discretion at no extra cost.

*New Client  80-Minute Therapeutic Magnesium Massage:

This is an integrated massage with the use of magnesium oil. Among other benefits, magnesium is a muscle relaxer. The most effective way to supplement this important nutrient is through transdermal application, in other words, applying it to the skin. Use of magnesium oil during a massage can be especially relaxing.

*Orthopedic Neck Treatment (80 minute minimum)

The full treatment is 80 minutes.

This treatment focuses the whole session on the neck, upper back, and chest using special orthopedic techniques. Hot stones and ice massage may be included. It is recommended that this treatment be done for several weeks in a row, with a treatment at least once a week, followed by a maintenance schedule of once a month.

Neck Plus Feet Treatment (90 minutes)

This treatment focuses 80 minutes of the session on the neck, upper back, and chest using special orthopedic techniques. Hot stones and ice massage may be included. The other 10 minutes focuses on the feet and ankles. A popular treatment among returning clients!

*Massage for people living with Cancer

These sessions involve a more in-depth interview process so that we can make any necessary accommodations and adjustments. It is a less demanding massage designed primarily to encourage relaxation.


Choose from either a Feet Only Massage or a Hands and Feet Only Massage. Reflexology is based on the idea that there are reflex points on the feet and hands that correspond to all the other parts of the body. Massaging these areas on the feet and hands will help to facilitate healing in the corresponding areas of the body.

*Just-the-head Massage

A relaxing treat that includes both the face and the scalp. Be prepared that your hair will get oily during this treatment.





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